Monday, December 19, 2011

Mr. Yarn Geek, the PR Man

When Mr. Yarn Geek and I vend at fiber festivals and shows people like to ask him what he does for our business. He tells everyone that he's Employee Number Two, but I think he's more the head of PR and Marketing. He is very good at keeping me going when I want to slack off. The thing he is best at is selling custom made things to people he knows. "Hey, my wife can make you one of those!" he says and then nudges me. "Do you have a card on you honey?" Of course I have a card, and I hand it over.

Recently he has kept me very busy knitting Mohawk Hats for people he works with. In just the last month I have made 2 black and dark blue ones, 3 Green Bay Packers themed ones, and just tonight I finished up a baby one in Chicago Bears colors. I don't think there is enough time to do another hat before Christmas, so now there is time to do a little knitting on some long ignored WIPs. There are also some objects, such as a hat and scarf I told my sister-in-law I would make for her, that really should be gotten to this winter. I just can't shake the feeling that Mr. PR and Marketing might have other plans for me, which I think is just marvelous!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dye Day

I'm trying to be a little more regular with my fiber dyeing. Today's 1.5 pound batch is a mix of fibers and colors.

The first is 8 ounces of turquoise blue bunch of bits and bobs from the bottom of the mill end boxes. I'll probably card them into smooth, soft batts when they're done. They look like blue brains right now...mmm...brains!

The second is 8 ounces of another attempt at the first colorway I developed. Every time I try to dye this, it turns out differently, as in unrecognizable compared to the first time. Mr. Yarn Geek purchased me a scale that weighs grams, so now I weigh out all the dye powders instead of eyeball the amounts.

The third pot is 8 ounces of a brand new colorway I've been working on, which I'll keep secret for now as to not spoil the surprise. There were interesting results when it was tried on little bits and pieces, so now is the real test on good fiber.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nifty New Site for Teaching, Cool!

I just signed up on which is a nifty little site I heard about on Facebook today. It allows people who have certain skills, such as mad spinning skills like me, to be found by other people who want to learn said skills. I signed up as a crochet, knitting, and spinning instructor. We'll see how it goes.

When you sign up you can customize your page with as little or as much information as you would like. Decide what you want to teach and then make a class listing with a short description and the price you would like to be paid. Make arrangements for how you would like to be paid and then go to the calendar and set up times you are available. You can upload pictures and other resources for people to look at to help them decide if you are the teacher for them. Pretty nifty right?!

To learn more about Betterfly, click on the Betterfly widget to the right. Now to wait for my first student...maybe it's you?